Arbitration and Mediation Office of Lee Hornberger

6730 Mission Ridge

Traverse City, Michigan 49686-6131

Telephone: 231-941-0746

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

Comments about Lee Hornberger

"Lee was friendly and comfortable to work with."

"Lee Hornberger was able to maneuver the matters through the mediation process toward successful conclusion. He is neutral, fair and diligent in moving the parties toward possible resolution, often in spite of themselves."

"I was well pleased with the mediation performance of Mr. Hornberger and will utilize his mediation services in the future."

"Lee did a good job of engaging the participants."

"Lee provides great reality check - pointed, yet gentle, nonjudgmental and patient."

"Excellent use of neutrality, focusing on the issues and open-ended questions."

"Lee's style and adaptative behavior are to be credited."

"Mr. Hornberger continually demonstrates his ability to adapt his methodology to the needs of the participants, the issues presented and the environment."

"Not only did Mr Hornberger bring himself ‘up to speed' on the issues expeditiously, it was his skill as a mediator that assisted the parties to reach a meaningful resolution of the case in its entirety. Simply put, he facilitated a good settlement to a highly contested piece of litigation."

"I have been extremely satisfied with the performance of Lee Hornberger as mediator."

"I recently asked Mr. Hornberger to mediate a contentious employment case in the hope of avoiding protracted litigation. Mr. Hornberger deftly managed the rather difficult issues presented as well as the expectations of the parties and their lawyers. He facilitated an agreement between the parties and achieved a settlement of the dispute."

"Mr Hornberger did a very good job very quickly with some difficult material and emotions. I say this both from my perspective as a litigant, and as a trained mediator who has conducted many mediations."

"Your demeanor and methods were very professional and comfortable for my clients as well as myself. I liked the process."

"Lee did a very good job! I have had mediation before. I feel Lee was the best."   Micro/9-30-22

"Thank you. Job well done. First person to ever make any progress happen."          lee video         lee 20-21 video     --4-5-22--